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Table 1 Mean and confidence interval of dimensional indicators of education, health and consumption expenditure in India, 2011–12

From: Multidimensional poverty, household environment and short-term morbidity in India

Serial no. Dimensions Indicators Assigned weights Mean
(95% CI)
1 Education School enrolment (V1): at least one child in the schoolgoing age (6–14 years) in the household currently not attending school 0.167 0.061
Years of schooling (V2): no adult member (15 years and above) in the household has completed 5 years of schooling 0.167 0.138
2 Health Nutrition (V3): the household has any undernourished (BMI <18.5) ever-married women (15–49 years) 0.167 0.166
Health insurance (V4): the household does not have any health insurance and salaried member 0.167 0.731
3 Economic Consumption expenditure (V5): if the household falls below the consumption expenditure threshold limit (official poverty line) 0.167 0.212
Household assets (V6): if a household does not have more than one of television, telephone, motorbike or refrigerator, and does not own a car 0.167 0.378