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Table 9 Indicators concerning welfare support for young people in France and Italy

From: The time benefits of young adult home stayers in France and Italy: a new perspective on the transition to adulthood?

  France Italy
Upper age limit for child benefit that provides the family child allowances 19 17
Minimum age for benefit from social assistance 25 No age criteria
Median value of the transfers received by young people living in an independent household (2011) 2600 2400
Percentage of young people living outside the parental home and receiving a private transfer (2011) 18.54% 4.55%
Percentage of NEETsa who do not receive any social transfers (average 2007–2011)   
Living with parents 20 48
Not living with parents 10 42
Share of students receiving grants (2015) 35 8
% of NEETs receiving housing benefits (2015) 42.90 3.50
  1. Source: OECD, Social Policies for Youths, OECD Family database, European Commission
  2. aNEETs = neither in employment nor in education or training