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Table 1 A list of the 19 models considered

From: Model confidence sets and forecast combination: an application to age-specific mortality

Family of models Label Model
Renshaw-Haberman 1 Lee-Carter model with Poisson error structure
  2 Renshaw-Haberman model
  3 Age-period-cohort model
Cairns-Blake-Dowe 4 Cairns-Blake-Dowe model
  5 M6 model
  6 M7 model
  7 M8 model
  8 Plat model
Lee-Carter 9 Lee-Carter model with Gaussian error structure
  10 Booth-Maindonald-Smith model
  11 Lee-Carter model with adjustment of life expectancy
  12 Lee-Carter model with no adjustment to the score
Functional time series 13 Functional data model
  14 Robust functional data model
  15 Product-ratio model
  16 Multivariate functional data model
  17 Multilevel functional data model
Model averaging 18 MCS (Tmax,M) to select equal-weighted models
  19 MCS (TR,M) to select equal-weighted models