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Table 2 Questionnaire progression table: Malawi 2008 Census economic activity questions

From: On the logical structure of census and survey questionnaires

Row From Filter To
1 BEGINsection5 All P20_empstat
2 P20_empstat P20_empstat=2 P21_nowork
3 P20_empstat P20_empstat=1 P25_occ2
4 P21_nowork P21_nowork=0:1 P22_subsist
5 P21_nowork P21_nowork=3:5 P23_availab
6 P21_nowork P21_nowork=2 P25_occ2
7 P22_subsist P22_subsist=4:5 P23_availab
8 P22_subsist P22_subsist=1:3 P25_occ2
9 P23_availab P23_availab=1 P24_looking
10 P23_availab P23_availab=2 ENDsection5
11 P24_looking P24_looking=2 P25_occ2
12 P24_looking P24_looking=0:1 ENDsection5
13 P25_occ2 All P26_classwk
14 P26_classwk All P27_ind2
15 P27_ind2 All ENDsection5
  1. Having asked and recorded the response to the From question, the interviewer asks the To question for the progression for which the filter is TRUE. Compare Figs. 2a and 3. Questions are identified using the questionnaire item label and the corresponding IPUMS-assigned variable name. The notation variable=x:y signifies that the variable code lies between x and y inclusive