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Table 8 Hazard ratios of marriage by marital intentions. Sensitivity analyses using complementary log-log models (hazard ratios)

From: Decisions on marriage? Couples’ decisions on union transition in Sweden

  Discrete-time survival analysis on transition to marriage (all couples)
HR p
Couples’ marital intentions
 Both partners want to get married   
 Woman wants to get married 0.54 0.015
 Man wants to get married 0.54 0.023
 Both partners do not want to get married 0.37 0.000
Woman’s age
 Over 32   
 Under 33 0.75 0.074
Couples’ education level
 Both partners have tertiary 1  
 Woman tertiary and man less than tertiary 0.95 0.809
 Man tertiary and woman less than tertiary 1.06 0.830
 Both less than tertiary 1.06 0.760
Couple has children
Relationship duration, continuous 1.00 0.991
Couple’s marital attitudes
 Both partners positive toward marriage 1  
 Woman positive but man not positive 0.55 0.008
 Man positive but woman not positive 0.85 0.321
 Both partners not positive toward marriage 0.71 0.154
Number of children
 No children 1.28 0.193
 One child 1  
 Two children 1.35 0.156
 Three or more children 1.81 0.021
 Number of observations 3042
 None-zero outcomes 201