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Table 5 Simulated context effects

From: Thinking as the others do: persistence and conformity of sexual double standard among young Italians

  Traditional region
Modern region
A pre-school child suffers with a working mother (agree) 90 50
What women really want is a home and children (agree) 80 50
Being a housewife is as fulfilling as having a paid job (agree) 80 40
A job is the best way for women to be independent (disagree) 40 10
Husband and wife should both contribute to the HH income (disagree) 40 10
Fathers are as well suited to look after children as mothers (disagree) 60 10
Men should take the same responsibility for home and children (disagree) 20 10
Predicted factor: traditional division of responsibilities 1.03 0.23
Predicted factor: working women 0.39 0.69
Predicted DS (early sexual relations) 0.26 0.19
Predicted DS (escapades) 0.18 0.13
Predicted DS (multiple partners) 0.22 0.12
Predicted DS (virgin until high age) 0.06 0.03
Predicted DS (virgin until marriage) 0.10 0.03
Predicted RDS (sex with same-sex partner) 0.15 0.16
  1. Notes: the top panel reports the percentage of people with traditional views in the most and least traditional regions (the values are realistic and taken from the distribution of the variables observed in the data). The middle panel reports the predicted values of the factors (using the loadings of the principal component analysis, see “Data and methods” section). The bottom panel reports the probabilities of DS/RDS for a male student, in 2017, aged 21 years old, whose parents do not have a tertiary education and whose mother is not religious (predictions are computed using the parameters displayed in Table 4)