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Table 10 Response categories for the covariates included in the models of Tables 6 and 7

From: The end of “Catholic” sexuality in Italy?

Covariate Response categories
Age at interview Continuous variable
Area of residence during teenage years North-west of Italy (ref.), north-east, center, south-islands, abroad
Population size of the municipality of residence during teenage years Less than 10,000 (ref.), between 10,000 and 100,000, more than 100,000
Parents’ education level Both low (junior high school or lower) (ref.), father low/mother high (high school diploma or higher), father high/mother low, both high
Father’s social class High (manager, entrepreneur, executive, professional) (ref.), medium (employee, teacher, shopkeeper, artisan), low (agricultural worker, manual worker, shop assistant)
Mother worked during teenage years Yes (ref.), no
Relationship with father Absent/deceased (ref.), distant, balanced, intense
Relationship with mother Absent/deceased (ref.), distant, balanced, intense
Parents divorced before the respondent was 16 Never of after age 16 (ref.), yes
Reaction to parents’ rules as a teen Accepted (ref.), negotiated, refused, did not live with parents
Parents permitted respondent to return home late on Saturday nights during teenage years No (ref.), yes
Body mass index at interview Underweight (ref.), slightly underweight, normal, overweight, obese
Had at least three health problems during teenage years (e.g., eating disorder, insomnia, strong acne issues, stuttering, serious hearing or vision problems, excessive sweating of the hands, enuresis, halitosis) No (ref.), yes
Satisfied with own physical appearance during teenage years No (ref.), not much, almost, yes
Graduation score upon completion of middle school and high school Both low (ref.), high/low, low/high, both high
Type of high school attended Lyceum (ref.), technical school, vocational school
  1. Source: authors’ elaboration on SIS and SELFY survey data