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Table 4 Variables of the models

From: Assessing the effects of local contexts on the mobility choices of university students in Campania region in Italy

Variables Meaning Kind of attributes (role in the model) Values
Province Province of residence of the student Sociodemographic variables (fixed effect) [NP] = Naples (Napoli, reference)
Gender Gender (binary) Individual socio-demographic (fixed effect) [F] = Female (reference)
[M] = Male
Diploma Kind of high school diploma achieved Individual scholastic achievement (fixed effect) Scientific lyceum (reference)
Other lyceum
Classical lyceum
Other diploma
Vocational diploma
Technical diploma
Grade Scaled grade in diploma achievement Individual scholastic achievement (fixed effect) Range from: -1.7105 (corresponds to 60, minimum)
to + 1.7105 (corresponds to 100 cum laude, maximum)
Paritaria Private schools Individual scholastic achievement (fixed effect) [0] = State school (reference)
[1] = Non-private school
Field of study The macro-area of study in which the student enroll (disciplinary field) Degree in which they enroll (fixed effect) [SCIENTIFIC] = Scientific Area (reference)
[HEALTHCARE] = Healthcare Area
[SOCIAL] = Social Area
[HUMANITIES] = Humanities Area
School code The unique code to denote each school Individual scholastic achievement (random effect) Unique national code for each school
OUTCOME Migratory choose of student when they enroll Degree in which they enroll (outcome/response) [0] = Enroll in region Campania (reference)
[1] = Enroll in other regions
Municipality_Size Demographic size of municipality of residence of student Individual soc.-demo. (fixed effect, not significant) [SMALL] = \(<15000\) inhabitants
[MEDIUM] = \(>15000\) inhabitants; \(<50000\) inhabitants
[BIG] = \(>50000\) inhabitants