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Table 5 Control variables

From: The relationship between women’s individual empowerment and the support to female genital cutting continuation: a study on 7 African countries

Variable Theoretical motivation Definition Categories
The regional level of presence of FGM/C This is intended as an indicator of the normative force, which asks to be followed and thus diminishes access to alternatives, to independent decision-making, and results Percentage of cut women (G102) at each country regional level Percentages
Daughters at home Intended to represent how much close to personal experience is the issue of FGM/C, thus indicating the need to make a choice (salience) Daughters at home (V203) Number
Age The incidence of FGM/C is expected to rise with age Age (V012) In years
Country We suppose countries share common policies and legislative frameworks, through their peculiar policies and history. On this basis, we expect to find a homologation effect among regions and communities Country denomination Egypt (ref.), Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Mali, Nigeria, Togo
Religion Literature has brought examples of religious meanings attached to the practice Recoding of Religion (V130) Muslim (ref.), Christian (Catholic, Protestant, other country-specific), None, Other (Traditional/animist, other country-specific)