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Journal of Population Sciences

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Call for Thematic Series

GENUS welcomes proposals for Thematic Series on a suitable demographic theme. This is an invitation to scholars who are interested in editing a Thematic Series.

GENUS is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, open-access journal of population sciences. Founded in 1934 by Corrado Gini, GENUS is among the oldest demography journals in Europe. GENUS publishes articles on topics that include, but are not limited to: family and fertility; ageing; health and mortality; migration and mobility; formal demography; relations between population dynamics and biological, environmental, economic, and social change. GENUS is affiliated with Sapienza University of Rome and published under the auspices of the Italian Association for Population Studies (AISP).

Guest Editors will have the opportunity to follow the overall review process of the articles submitted for the Thematic Series. Articles belonging to a Thematic Series are published as regular journal’s research articles as soon as they are accepted for publication, and are then grouped within the thematic series section of the journal’s website along an overview introduction of Guest Editors.

Key Advantages of Publishing with GENUS

The journal is peer-reviewed Open Access, Online publication, free to download.


Send a Proposal (~800 words) for a Thematic Series to The proposal should include: (1) the title of the Thematic Series, (2) a brief summary of the Thematic Series topic, including the reasons why the topic is important and timely, (3) a tentative list of potential contributions (4-6 articles).