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Journal of Population Sciences

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Italian grandparenthood within the European context

Edited by:

Karen F. Glaser Institute of Gerontology, King’s College London

Marco Albertini, University of Bologna

Bruno Arpino, University of Firenze

Cecilia Tomassini, University of Molise

Description text:

This thematic collection seeks to reflect and push forward the current state of the art in the study of grandparenthood and grandparenting in Italy in a comparative European perspective. Starting from the demography of grandparenthood, intergenerational transfers, contacts and living proximity between grandparents, parents and children and the characteristics of such exchanges are analysed. Furthermore, the consequences of grandparenting and especially of grandchild care provision in terms of fertility behaviour and work participation and wellbeing are investigated. The research articles aim to shed light on the complexity of factors which shape the effects of grandparents’ availability and the behaviour and wellbeing of each of the three generations involved.

Glaser, K.F., Albertini, M., Arpino, B., Tomassini, C.
Italian grandparenthood within the European context: Introduction.
Genus 78, 31 (2022).

Cisotto E, Meli E and Cavrini G
Grandparents in Italy: trends and changes in the demography of grandparenthood from 1998 to 2016.
Genus 78, 10 (2022).

Pasqualini M, Di Gessa G and Tomassini C 
A change is (not) gonna come: a 20-year overview of Italian grandparent–grandchild exchanges. Genus.
Genus 77, 3 (2021)

Arpino B, Meli E, Pasqualini M, Cisotto E, Tomassini C. 
Determinants of grandparent–grandchild digital contact in Italy.
Genus 78, 20 (2022)

Rutigliano R and Lozano M 
Do I want more if you help me? The impact of grandparental involvement on men’s and women’s fertility intentions.
Genus 78, 13 (2022)

Albertini M and Tosi M
Grandparents, family solidarity and the division of housework: evidence from the Italian case.
Genus 78, 21 (2022)

Zanasi F, Arpino B, Pirani E, et al.
Work histories and provision of grandparental childcare among Italian older women.
Genus 78, 11 (2022).

Yang, Y., Evandrou, M. & Vlachantoni, A.
The impact of grandchild care provision on grandparents’ depressive symptoms across Europe using multi-level analysis: do the grandchild caring patterns and the country’s economy matter?
Genus 78, 12 (2022).

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